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Available from 1st N‚Äčovember '23

Solar systems

6.6kW From $4900 

6.6Kw - 20Kw systems using lastest high effieciency solar modules & inverters.
25/30 year module warranty.
10 year inverter warranty.
Customised to suit your needs. 

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Tesla Powerwall 2

over $4000

Tesla Powerwall 2.
Simply the best energy storage available today.
Save now & have yours installed by our team of  experts whom built the "Endeavour Energy Bawley point micro grid " !

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Micro inverter AC Solar systems

From $6800 

Using Enphase AC micro inverters.
Shade tolerant ,AC safe , expandable  solar that out performs & last the competitors.
Options for 10-25 year inverter warranties.

We are Platinum rated Enphase Installers !

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Off Grid


We are the Experts !
With  a wide range of solutions to meet any remote power system requirments.
From a few kilowatt hours to many hundreds of kilowatt hour capacity.
Contact us for a free design consultation.

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