Solar & Battery Calculator 

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Our system uses over 15 years of design experience, 5 years in programming.
Utilising worldwide solar radiation data , as hour by hour , realtime calculations, any point on Earth !!
-Multi Solar array , azimuth & tilt , upto 16 arrays in any plane.
-All solar module technologies .
-All inverter technologies "including micro inverter optimisation calculations"
-Shade claculations , MPPT vs Micro uplift , lifecycle & MTBF.
-Realtime load claculations , hour by hour , 365 days a year, residential & commercial.
-Rate calculations , Flat , TOU & solar export.
-KVA prediction on commercial loads , accurate KVA demand rate offsets.
-----------Added 2016 / battery revolution------------
-Realtime battery calculations , hour by hour , charge/discharge , cycle , throughput & losses.
-All technologies.
-Added Tesla optimisation , Powerwall 1 , Powerwall 2 , Tesla PowerPack.
- LG & all Lithium based products.
-Added offgrid & blackout.
-Added genset offset & gid comparison calculations, Deisel abatement, Grid connection comp.
-PPA calculations.
-ROI calculations.
-Commercial Optimisations & Powerplants.

Solar /Battery Realtime Simulation Engine

- currently offline

Sample design  run using existing 4kw PV with added Tesla Powerwall 2 system , Sydney AU , North arrays , String system , AC coupled Powerwall 2.


{ need anymore than above ? , need an accurate result before purchase ,  please contact Glenn in our office he'll be keen to listen to anything worthy or just something that needs to be solved for you! }

If you want to know exactly what technology of Solar or battery best suits your needs with absolute accuracy , please contact us and we will run simulations for you.

Anyone considering a battery or additional solar after 'feed in tarriff cut backs ' this is absolutley a need to know.

We offer a definitive truth to your outcome if purchasing Solar or Battery systems .

Our system has been proven in many  Megawatts of commercial Solar system installations prividing accurate ROI , PPA & load offset calculations better than 98% accuracy!

We have effectively placed over 2MWhr of battery systems in place including Tesla , LG , other Lithium & GEL systems.