Australian Solar Modules

Support our local Solar Manufacturing

Advancing our Australian Technology Industry

Made locally for our Australian climate

Secure Reliable Investment

Extended product warranty  from 12  to 20 years.

Lets support Australia & local jobs!

In return you'll have the best possible solar system made for Australian conditions installed by local leading experts!

Whats the Warranty mean to me ?

20 year Extended Warranty

You'd  expect to get the industry standard 10 or 12 years but Tindo now offer a FULL 20 year warranty.

' That's more than double of most all other solar modules '

+ 25 year performance

As prescribed by Australian and international standards you also have the 25 year performance guarantee.
This means the  Solar modules will have a minimum output of 80% at 25 years.

The best Solar under the Australian Sun

Yes, Iam Interested to support Australian manufacturing