Tesla # 1 Bawley Point NSW

The first TESLA solar battery to be installed in the Bawley Point Kioloa area was completed last week in the home of Karin & Roger Lucas.

The 5 kilowatt system was installed by Sunny Afternoons Pty Ltd as part of their program up and down the east coast of NSW and Victoria.The system will eliminate the impact of blackouts, eliminate the majority of the cost of grid supplied power and will enable owners to supply excess energy back into the grid at a reasonable wholesale price.The systems software is updated centrally and remotely by TESLA who can pass on system upgrades of the Powerwall Battery to  customers free of charge.

(The Tesla Powerwall 2 comes with its own communication system which connects to Tesla directly - in most cases customers do not need to rely on there own internet connections)

PHOTO: From left to right:  Roger Lucas and Glenn Cooper (MD of Sunny Afternoons)

Murramurang Beach Bawley Point 

Tesla Powerwall 2 

Owners Karin & Roger Lucas are delighted with the installation, “we understand the delay in getting the system installed given the huge worldwide demand for the supply of TESLA batteries, but the wait was worth it.

It is a little surreal to watch the TESLA app on our mobiles and witness energy transferring between the grid, solar panels, battery and the house’s appliances, with very little coming from the grid” said the Lucas's’. “Apart from our concern with high energy prices adversely effecting industry and employment and the country generally, a federal energy policy is almost irrelevant to us”.

Roger was lucky to be first in town with the Tesla Powerwall System even though Glenn ,who is owner of SunnyAfternoons, whom also lives in Bawley Point has not installed a unit at his residence as yet despite having access to the first units to arrive into Australia not long ago.( although Glenn did manage to power up one of the first units in Australia in his garage workshop ...for purposes of testing & trial)