Shoalhaven head Bowling Club Stage II- South Coast NSW

Stage 2 of the Solar generation system installed at the Shoalhaven heads Bowling club.

The additional system commissioned in May 2018 adds a further 120kw of Solar energy to the club.

One of the largest solar PV systems on any commercial building in the South Coast NSW the total system now boasts 220Kw with 770 solar modules.


Stage II of the club was installed over a 4 week period , we would have stayed longer in consideration of the great hospitality of the club staff and with the great selection of craft beers on tap in the sports bar ( always a good look for after the days work)

Site Statistics:

Stage 1

Modules 396 x 250 watt solar modules

99Kw | 146 Mwhr per year

5 x 20kw 3ph Inverter system

Stage 2

Modules 364 x 330 watt modules

120.2Kw | 175 Mwhr per year

4 x 15Kw , 2 x 30Kw 3Ph Inverter system

Module Optimisers


Total System

Modules 760 x solar modules

220.2Kw | 321 Mwhr per year Equivalent too ~ power for 60 houses