ANZ Docklands Victoria

Classification—Commercial scale Rooftop arrays. ANZ Headquarters – Melbourne Victoria

140 Kw - 2600 First Solar Module - Roof Mounted Array

A ‘6 star ‘ rated building, one of the first of its kind in Australia, where solar & wind technology provides the crowning masterpiece to building developers Bovis Lend Lease construction.

Designed by SunnyAfternoons in 2009 (Under Previous business name BlueSky Energy) engineers these larger scale arrays, typically over 100kw, provide company’s large load reductions on their power usage by utilising building rooftop space. ANZ Docklands represents the first commercial scale rooftop utilising the advanced First Solar © module technology. By harnessing  the latest technology combined with years of ‘know-how’ systems like these become a reality.

SunnyAfternoons principals with a  decade of experience indesigning, implementing and managing renewable energy, technology and commercial projects throughout Australia. SunnyAfternoons  apply this experience to differentiate themselves as the professional choice for solar and renewable energy technologies.

Difficulties in applying the modules to the commercial rooftop placed this installation out of reach for many

Solar company’s .The entire Solar array was mounted to the ANZ building by way of priority technology to clamp the Solar module framing system to the Lysaght©  seamless roof system profile without a single penetration . Without such a method the potential for the solar rooftop system may not have proceeded.

The generated Solar power is fed to the buildings plant room where a cascading array of high efficiency inverters take care of the conversion of the power to be used in the facilities power distribution.

SunnyAfternoons used a method to maximise the total power production by using individual banks to control and maintain any Solar differences as they may occur.

An installed communication system connected from the Solar inverter plant gives the ability for the building owners to keep watch of the green energy production .This also coupled to the Building Management System for  total monitoring.


Shortly after works were completed a devastating hail storm struck the local area. The First Solar modules (which are completely glass on glass modules)

survived undamaged whilst nearby building windows and glazing's were smashed by the hail stones !