Classification—Commercial scale Rooftop arrays. TAFE NSW Renewable Energy Showcase

With the rapid increase in Solar Technology and deployment of Solar systems within Australia, local institutions have been under pressure to provide the means for training and demonstrating the latest renewable technologies.

TAFE NSW directed SunnyAfternoons  personnel to provide a new training system within its program and also demonstrate the technology for education purposes.

Typical  20,000 watt roof mounted solar arrays were constructed over various  campus buildings. The solar system was to offset the TAFE college’s electricity consumption and serve as demonstration for students in renewable energy courses conducted at the TAFE.

Asked to provide a system to offset power consumption at the TAFE, but also allow the Solar array to be viewed by students, SunnyAfternoons engineers came up with a plan to located the necessary solar arrays in various configurations.

Multiples  of  10 kilowatt systems were linked into the campus power distribution, other examples affixed above water tanks and charging a battery bank, whilst nearby classrooms a ‘Solar Tracking’ systems was designed to show students new principals in Solar Technology right at hand during class lessons.

State of the Art solar cells were used from SolarWorld© ( German & US origin) were fitted to provide the highest efficiency and demonstrate the power of solar to the college & local community.


Data from the system is fed live to web servers for use on the Colleges web site.

Further installations of  solar around the campus provides power to lighting & water pumps with its energy  stored in a battery banks. Designed by SunnyAfternoons engineers , these remote powered solar generators  provide training for TAFE students in renewable energies whilst also meeting guidelines for students to undertake accreditation certificate courses.