Shoalhaven Heads Bowling Club

Completed & commissioned in August 2014 the 99 kilowatt solar plant at Shoalhaven Heads NSW supplies over 30% of power to the local club.

The system is roof mounted comprising some 396x250 watt high performance solar modules.

The community finance model provides an avenue for local community and wider to be able to invest in the system.

The total capital finance was provided by around 20 shareholders. Running under a PPA(1) (Purchase Price Agreement) selling the power back to the club over 10 years a return is repaid back to the shareholders at around 7%(3) PA.

 Quick Stats:

Peak Power (DC)
 99,000 watts
Solar Modules
Surface area
~740 sqm
Generated Power per Year
 > 145,000 kwh
Carbon reduction (C02)
> 133,400 kg
Load offset
> 25%
Power  Offset in $ per year
> $18,850
PPA Cost per year (10 yr)
~ $27,000


Solar Offet Cycle - Before & After Solar 


Realtime Load Vs. Solar Prediction Using Hyphen Modelling

Designed & Integrated by Sunnyafternoons the System became the first of its type in Australia being funded by community finance model operated by a PPA(1) Scheme.

The System , under the PPA(1) finance , becomes the first in Australia as an Community funded PPA(1) Scheme.The PPA(1) contract will generate an revenue for the community scheme over a period of 10 years(2) where then ownership will then revert to the user of the system , ShoalHaven Heads Bowling Club.

Directors of the Club were delighted to be able to enjoy the Benefits of Solar but without investing in upfront capital. The club is now using their available funds to refurbish the Club but also now enjoy the longer benefits of Solar Generated Energy.

 Notes: (1) - PPA, meaning Purchase Price Agreement, power is sold back at an agreed kwh rate over a contract Period. (2) - Time in which contract will expire, system ownership will revert to end user, nominal period varibale under contract & buyout figure. (3) - Approximate inverstor return, will vary dependent on system Yield over contract period.