Here is a selection of current & past projects of interest. Some case studies will provide detail information on locations, designs & implementation characteristics.


Shoalhaven head Bowling Club Stage II- South Coast NSW

Stage 2 of the Solar generation system installed at the Shoalhaven heads Bowling club.

The additional system commissioned in May 2018 adds a further 120kw of Solar energy to the club.

One of the largest solar PV systems on any commercial building in the South Coast NSW the total system now boasts 220Kw with 770 solar modules.


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Shoalhaven Heads Bowling Club

Completed & commissioned in August 2014 the 99 kilowatt solar plant at Shoalhaven Heads NSW supplies over 30% of power to the local club.

The system is roof mounted comprising some 396x250 watt high performance solar modules.

The community finance model provides an avenue for local community and wider to be able to invest in the system.

The total capital finance was provided by around 20 shareholders. Running under a PPA(1) (Purchase Price...

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ANZ Docklands Victoria

Classification—Commercial scale Rooftop arrays. ANZ Headquarters – Melbourne Victoria

140 Kw - 2600 First Solar Module - Roof Mounted Array

A ‘6 star ‘ rated building, one of the first of its kind in Australia, where solar & wind technology provides the crowning masterpiece to building developers Bovis Lend Lease construction.

Designed by SunnyAfternoons in 2009 (Under Previous business name BlueSky Energy) engineers these larger scale arrays...

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