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Where do you place the inverter ?

Usually the inverter is placed alongside the fuse box. The inverter is silent and has a display to show the electricity generated and other data options such as total electricity generated since installation, are available. Micro Inverters are placed under the solar panels, eliminating the wall mounted version. Talk to us about what is right for you.

Is there any maintenance involved ?

With a grid connected system, there is very little maintenance required. On the completion of an installation, all clients receive a Handover document that outlines system operation and scheduled maintenance procedures.

What happens on cloudy days ?

With a grid connect system, as you are still tied to the mains power supply, any deficit will come from the mains grid, seamlessly integrating with your consumption.

How does a solar system connect into current house power ?

The solar system is wired into your existing fuse box via a circuit breaker.

What happens with grid connect systems during a blackout ?

The grid connect inverter will automatically shut itself off within a few milliseconds of a blackout, to avoid the potential of a dangerous “brown-out” in your home and to prevent back feeding into the grid. Therefore even though you have a solar system during a blackout you will not have power available. If you want to keep on having electricity available during a blackout then you would need to have back up batteries installed as...

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If my energy requirements increase, can I upgrade the system ?

Yes. Additional solar panels can be added at any time, provided that there are no network limitations on system size. And of course assuming you have the roof area available. Different inverter technologies will allow for options in regards to system expansion.

Will I need a new switchboard and/or meter ?

In order to install a grid connected solar power system at your premises, you will need to have a compatible switchboard and meter.

A meter exchange may be required after the installation of your new solar system. The energy produced by your solar system interacts with the main power grid and the loads in your house. Without an appropriate mains meter, any energy you sell to the power grid can be inaccurately measured, or even completely...

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How reliable will my system be ?

As all SunnyAfternoons systems are designed to Australian Standards, the reliability of components and consistency of power supply will be more than adequate for the loads specified. Full support and the option of web based monitoring, improve the measurement and verification of the systems performance.

Can I insure my grid connect system ?

Most insurers will allow you to include the system under your home and contents insurance, but please check with your insurance company first.