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Australia Day Promotion


Real Aussie Power !

Lets support our local Solar manufacturing

In honour of Australia Day

we are offering great summer deals on

Australian made Tindo Solar Systems.


C'mon Aussie's ,why consider anything less !



Support Local Manufacturing - Support Australian Technology

The Tindo Kara module specifically designed for Australian conditions.

Tested at the Desert Knowledge centre Alice Springs.



A secure investment

Every Tindo System installed by SunnyAfternoons

has a FULL 25 year module warranty.

Thats 25 years performance &  25 Years manufacturers product warranty !! thats a fair Dinkum Deal !



...Cool your beer , power your house , charge your car...


Aussie technology under the Aussie Sun ...

... Add the Worlds best Inverter!

... & Bench mark battery storage!

...always a cold beer in the house!


Best of the world system upgrades ...


(SunnyAfternoons is your local Enphase Expert & the largest Tesla Installer on the South East Coast)




Secure Reliable Investment

Extended the product warranty of our Karra panels from 12  to 25 years.


Great Visual Appearance

The Tindo Karra series has been designed with appearance in mind. Their deep black cells, with black frames and thinner wires give an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
*295W fully black panel available on request.


High Efficiency

Higher module conversion efficiency (up to 18%) benefit from Passivated Emmiter
Rear Contact (PERC) technology.


Proven Feild Performance

Our panels are mounted and performing everyday at the Desert Knowledge Testing
Centre in Alice Springs. The Karra series panels are consistently one of the highest performing panels at the centre. 


Maximum Cost Reductions

Much lower logistics costs due to our modules being made locally in South Australia.


Innovative All Weather Technology

Optimal yields, whatever the weather with excellent
low-light and temperature behaviour.


Low-Light Performance

Advanced glass and solar cell surface texturing allow for excellent performance in low-light environment.




Team Work makes the Dream Work ...

SunnyAfternoons & Tindo have Teamed up .

Two true locals providing world class solar energy systems.




Lets support Australia & local jobs!

In return you'll have the best possible solar system made for Australian conditions installed by local leading experts!





SunnyAfternoons & Tindo advise the use of our Solar modules for cooling Beer should only be used by those over 18+ years of age .

Extensive testing by SunnyAfternoons in our opinion is that Solar Energy cooled Beer actually does taste better!